When planning my Back To School math activities, I stick to the same tried and true formula year after year. I know I need to teach my students collaboration strategies, so we play math games. Back to school math about me lessons are a great ice break activity. It’s important to assess the students’ understanding of last year’s lessons. And I’d like to teach them any other strategies that may be new to them, so I use Back To School project based learning activities. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy these Back To School math ideas.

What are the most important things for me to accomplish with my math activities in the first few weeks of school?

  1. Teach the students my collaboration strategies
  2. Assess the students understanding of previous lessons
  3. Ice breaker activities
  4. Teach strategies that may be new to them

1. Collaboration strategies

It’s the first week of school. Your students will DEFINITELY need the refresher course in Manners 101. “Do I have to sit next to (____)?” Teach your students collaboration strategies through math lessons. Use math activities like flash card games to learn to work together. In this math mystery game, students work together to answer the math problems to solve the mystery of who stole the burger. Set the clues up around the room and demonstrate how rotations work in your class at the same time! Want this activity free? Sign up for my newsletter (you can find the form above this paragraph) to receive a 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade version all free!

2. Assess the students’ understanding of a previous grade level

When implementing Back to School math activities, it’s important to be strategic. Find some material from the previous grade level to see what areas you need to review before starting your standard curriculum.

3. Ice breaker activities

What makes a good ice breaker? Students get to know one another! A perfect example of this is in a math about me resource. Students will LOVE this fun way to review math objectives, leaving them in charge of writing math problems for their classmates to solve.

4. Teach new strategies

Are you planning on implementing project based learning into your school year? Your students are going to be learning a new style of teaching, the first few weeks are a great place to introduce them to the strategies. Looking for something specifically made for Back To School, check out the Back To School PBL in my TPT store. However, if you’d like a free Plan A Garden PBL, it can be a great place to start for 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes. The pages are differentiated to cover multiple standards, so you choose which pages your students will review. Want it free? Sign up for my newsletter (link above paragraph #1)!

I hope you enjoyed my math ideas for back to school! Keep reading about other math activities.