These Back To School organization tips will help any classroom get whipped into shape before fall. As a teacher, I find it a challenge to motivate myself to clean my classroom before Back To School. I strategize everything and plan out to “work smarter, not harder.” I plan my classroom supplies organization strategy, label all of my student’s desks, and get my bulletin boards ready prior to the first week of school.

Furniture Back To School Organization Tips

I ALWAYS group my students in small groups. Student collaboration is vital to everyone’s success. Get a list of your students prior to Back To School, and group them together based on their skill level. I try to have one high student, one medium high, one medium low, and one low student at every group. Group the desks together where the students are all able to properly see the front of the classroom. If you have students who have vision or disciplinary issues, you will want to sit them at the front of the class.

Bulletin Boards for Back To School

Keep your bulletin boards simple with important information for the first few weeks of school! Use editable time cards to let the students know their daily schedule. You can also easily find resources to help you create a fun classroom theme like oceans, robots, or Russian dolls . Use math standards posters, like the ones shown here for 3rd grade or 5th grade math to help students understand what they’ll be learning in the upcoming year.

Organization for classroom supplies

This is the year to KonMari your classroom. Go through all of your cabinets and build a large pile. What do you use? What don’t you use? What sparks joy? I hoard SO many items thinking “I’ll use these eventually.” After three years of teaching the same grade, why was I still holding onto something I never used once?! Let’s assume you’re like me, and you need to LET GO. Give the items to a new teacher, or donate them to a homeless shelter that has children. Your new clean space will thank you for it.

My Favorite Free Book Report Project

Classroom supplies organization can ALSO be environmentally friendly. I promote recycling in the classroom. During the summer I set up a water bottle station for students to keep their reusable water bottles all year long. Create an area like a cubby station for your students to keep their water bottles. Make sure to label them with student names, so they know which water bottle is which! I don’t allow water on the desks during class due to too many spills, so the students are able to walk back to the water station and get water year round.

Additional Back To School Organization Tips

If you are looking for other tips, check out the link here for brilliant ideas for back to school!