Teacher Life

Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

Looking for your first ever teaching job? Leaving a school because of a bad principal? If you are on the market for a new teaching position, here are some of the most common questions and sample answers for teaching interviews. These example questions should help you prepare your own answers. This will ensure you stand […]

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Recycling In The Classroom Ideas

Schoolwide waste is a HUGE problem. Every year, recycling in schools can help up prevent so much unnecessary waste.  What can we do as teachers to change this? Well, these recycling in the classroom ideas can help!  Not only will teachers recycling in the classroom reinforce positive student behavior, it will help your students understand […]

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Three tips for a teaching interview

New teacher? Moving school districts?  Bring a creative teaching portfolio, research the school, and prepare teaching interview questions and answers. These interview tips for elementary school teachers will help you do your best in your upcoming teaching interview! If you’re reading this during the summer, check out the summer self care challenge for teachers.  1. […]

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