Imagine this – free curriculum that’s not boring. These are my top free 5th grade math activities. If you are looking for math for 5th grade, on a budget, you’re at the right spot! But this isn’t your average worksheets, because that’s not my teaching style. First time to my blog? Welcome! I create unique resources to keep your students engaged and make your life easier. Without any further ado, here are my favorite PBLS and math mystery games. If you haven’t heard of project based learning, you (and your lovely class) are in for a treat!

Project Based Learning Activity

free project based learning activity

Students love project based learning, Students will love planning their own garden with this free project based learning activity. Incorporate authentic real world problems into your classroom using this engaging project. This product is differentiated, with multiple versions of some pages created to range in difficulty. Choose between multiple options including multiplication of whole numbers and decimals to differentiate across your classroom.

  • Garden Blueprint – area and perimeter 4.MD.3
  • Buying Supplies – multiplication and/or multiplication with decimals, addition and subtraction 4.NBT.5, 5.NBT.5, 4.NBT.4, 5.NBT.7
  • Draw Your Display

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Math Mystery Games

Find this free math mystery game for 5th grade here. These are perfect math mystery games for 5th grade! Students answer addition with decimal questions to learn clues to solve the mystery in this fun game. The questions used include multiple step problems for additional rigor. Once the students have solved all of the clues they will able to deduce who the suspect is. Comes with answer sheets to assess your students’ work.

free math mystery games

Division Task Cards

This fun game helps your students practice division with remainders while learning facts about J.K. Rowling in this fun math game, similar to 20 questions! After completing worksheets, students practice their writing skills with an informational paragraph on their subject. Reinforce content from multiple disciplines in one activity. This activity is perfect for review, early finishers, whole class, differentiation, enrichment, and sub packets!

Additional free 5th grade math resources

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