I recently got a DM on my Instagram from someone asking about high paying jobs for teachers. She said she was looking for something outside the classroom, and wanted to know about high paying jobs for women. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share the advice I gave her.

High Paying Jobs for Teachers

Her question:

Are there jobs that will hire teachers that pay over $100k? If she takes my career coaching course, will it help her make $100k ASAP?”

My answer; “yes and no.”

Yes, there are jobs that pay more than $100k that hire teachers – (one of my best friends has one, and she was only a teacher 3 years ago!) But no, many of the jobs I talk about will NOT pay that much starting wage.

I don’t want to lie to you or be misleading when you are reading my posts about a career transition outside of the classroom. If you are going into a entry level position there is a very small chance you’ll make an executive level salary, plain and simple.

Will your salary be more than it is teaching? Most likely!

But you have to make a clear career path and learn the tricks of the trade to make it to a six figure income. Once you do you can gain a high paying job, even if you don’t have the years of experience. It’s 100% doable, and I can help walk you through the steps. Here’s two examples using me and my best friend’s different career paths.

Two Teachers Career Paths

My best friend’s path: she left teaching the same year as me and got a job as an educational consultant. After a year of using that position to network, she left for a much higher paying position. She knew this second job had a lot of skills she recognized that would help her move towards her ultimate career path. After working that second job for less than a year, she had her foot in the door for a six figure position. Within three years of leaving teaching she was making well over $100k.

My path: in my position as an education consultant I made more than I did as a teacher, and I had way more free time. This meant I was able to spend time with loved ones, work on my side business, and establish my clear career path for my future. Now as an instructional designer I make more money and my TPT business brings in a good amount of income. Eventually I plan to become a Director of Learning and Development, which would pay over $100k, but I don’t plan on applying to any of those positions for a few years.

Would I have made $100k as a teacher anytime in my lifetime? Absolutely not.

Am I 100% happier in my career even without a $100k base salary for now? Yes. I currently make the salary I probably would have made if I stayed in teaching about 12 years longer than I did, and that saves me the 12 years of being unhappy in a position that was not right for me as well.

Once I learned the skills I needed to be successful in a position outside the classroom, it was really easy to have everything else fall into place. Teachers have so much knowledge and working for education companies is a great place to use your past experience to leverage yourself as an industry professional. Check out my teacher career coaching course if you’d like to learn more!