There has been a lot of news coverage recently about the likeliness of a recession, which means a teacher recession as well. Many teachers are NOT prepared to face pink slips, limited teaching positions, and the struggle that comes with large cuts to public education. Now is the right time to begin thinking about other jobs that hire teachers and start building your game plan in a teaching recession in public schools.

Teacher recession

School Budget Cuts And A Teaching Recession

What happens to teachers jobs when public school funding is cut? Many schools have to hand out pink slips , add more students to classrooms, and cut back on supplies.

School budget cuts are happening, and they will continue to happen. If we hit another recession, these budget cuts will get worse. When a recession hits, schools lose funding from Local, State, and Federal taxes. What You Need To Know About Public School During A Recession.

Teaching during the Great Recession of 2008 was not easy. By 2010, an estimated 135,000 teachers were out of work. Studies show that districts have never *fully* recovered their budgets. This is one main factor why teachers are still on strike years later for salaries that stay stagnant.

pink slips

What You Can Do To Be Prepared

Qualified teachers were stuck sending out resumes for years with no luck on finding a teaching position. The reason? When so many teachers are out of a job, they are all applying for the SAME JOB. During a public schools recession, a single teaching opening would receive over 500 resumes.

It’s time to start preparing yourself for Plan B. What positions will hire you if you face a pink slip? How will you be able to beat out the competition? What jobs are a good fit for you?

This process can be SUPER overwhelming, and I know. I’ve been there myself. A few years ago, I lost my teaching job due to a budget cut. I had just moved to a new school district and lost my tenure. I was SO TIRED of sending out resumes with little to no responses. Finally, I figured out a system that worked and landed my dream job. I now speak at educational conferences and school district events. I constantly have teachers asking me “how can I get a job like yours?”

I’ve created an online course to help teachers transition from the classroom. This course will walk you through every step of the way and help you prepare for the future.