What is an educational consultant? An educational consultant can have many different tasks, but they are the education experts for specific companies. This is a really great job to transition from if you are a teacher looking for another job. If you want to learn more about other jobs that hire teachers, make sure to sign up for my newsletter below!

Who would be a good fit for this position?

Many teachers would make great educational consultants. If you have a strong understanding of pedagogy, many educational companies would be SO HAPPY to have you on board. Teachers with strong written and verbal communication skills also make a wonderful fit for these types of positions. If you are nervous with public speaking this may not be a good fit for you, as usually educational consultants are in charge of presenting to schools and districts on behalf of the company.

Skills You Need To Become An Educational Consultant

You need to have a wide understanding of curriculum and pedagogy to be an educational consultant. When you are applying for positions, it’s really important that you study the company’s curriculum or tools. If you are well versed in how to use their specific tools and apply their tool to teachers in a variety of settings, you are a shoe in!

Additional Schooling You May Need

You really won’t need additional schooling past your teaching credential for this position!

Companies That Hire Educational Consultants

Many of the companies that create educational resources hire educational consultants. First, brainstorm all of the curriculum and educational tools that you are familiar with in your classroom. Look up their websites to see if they are hiring. After you’ve researched all of these companies, look up other brands that you know have educational resources.

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