If you are looking for a new job outside of teaching, you may want to start brushing up on new skills to help you beef up your resume. I’ve put together some quick tips to help you establish your plan to learn new skills.

Look up some job postings for a few of the positions you are interested in and start writing down keywords. What skills would you like to learn to be able to apply for these types of positions? Are those skills something easy to teach yourself using videos online? How long do you estimate it’ll take for you to learn those skills. I know that this seems scary, but DON’T LET YOUR UNNECESSARY FEARS HOLD YOU BACK. Make a schedule to stick to work on learning your new skills, and stick to it. Every week you’ll be better than the week before and moving in the right direction. I go over this in more detail in my career coaching course, but this is a good starting point!

Learning new skills is by far one of my favorite subjects to discuss in my Leaving Teaching Course because it’s easy to build a strategy and will pay off when you start building your new resume! This is something that really helped me pinpoint my dream career and land both of my dream jobs. I received my first dream job as an EdTech Consultant because in the classroom I was very comfortable with integrating technology into my lessons. While working as an EdTech Consultant I started learning new skills on the side to continue to further my growth. During this time, I learned how to create online courses and curriculum which made me qualified for my new position of Instructional Designer. It will take motivation and determination on your part, but I’ve broken it down into three easy steps.

  1. Identify the skills you want to learn.
  2. Identify which skills can be easily and quickly learned.
  3. Establish a timeline and strategy for you to learn more complicated skills.

Identify the skills you want to learn. If you don’t know where to start you can check out my blog – Other Career Choices For Teachers to get some quick ideas of jobs to research. Search these jobs online to see if there are openings near you, and take a deep dive into their job applications. Are there skills you aren’t familiar with? Start researching which ones would be the easier and shortest to learn, and get to work! Write out an action plan for longer and more complicated skills and give yourself time weekly to dive in. This is a great way to also establish whether or not these types of jobs are good fits for you.

Want some examples of what I have taught myself just by taking courses/watching online videos in the past few years? SEO, creating and editing videos using Camtasia, self hosted WordPress sites, copy writing, blogging, email marketing, and more! One advantage of teaching yourself new skills is you’ll quickly learn what you actually like/don’t like – which will help you narrow down your job search. For instance, I realized I really like Search Engine Optimization a lot more than I like blogging (who would have thought?!), something I would have NEVER known if it wasn’t for doing some hands on work myself.

PS. Did you know that with the purchase of my Career Coaching Course For Teachers you receive access to a student only Facebook group? While completing the modules, you can hop into the page and ask questions/ share insights with other students. I encourage everyone in my course to share resources on skills they are learning (favorite blogs, YouTube videos, etc.) My course is backed by a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. Because of my absolute confidence and dedication to our students’ success, I am committed to making sure every student is 100% satisfied with their purchase. You really have nothing to lose!