I was thrown into the job market after a happy amount of time as a fifth grade teacher. I was scared, I didn’t feel confident, and I DID NOT KNOW WHERE TO START. Now I’m happily employed as an educational consultant, and I’ve learned so much along the way about careers that really will hire teachers. I wanted to put together this list of other jobs for teachers to help with anyone not knowing where to start. If you may quit teaching for a new career path, this is a great place to start. After researching potential careers, make sure to check out this blog on learning new skills to get into a new job.

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1. Museum Education Director

Love history or art? These positions are perfect opportunities for teachers leaving the classroom. They most often ask that you create and implement curriculum for exhibition trainings for the Museum Educators and staff. The usual qualifications require a Master’s and 4+ years in museum education, youth development, and/or teaching.

2. Corporate Trainers or Instructional Designer

If you LOVE getting in front of a crowd and presenting material, this may be the perfect fit for you. Corporate trainers train on the supporting curriculum based on their companies needs. Instructional Designers create the curriculum and usually have experience creating their own websites or videos.

3. Textbook Sales Representatives

Think of all of the curriculum you have at your school (or past schools). Those companies WANT to work with teachers! As a teacher you bring a lot of added value to the companies that need to sell to schools with your insight and understanding of their content!

4. Educational Technology

EdTech is a great place to go if you are looking for other work, because there is a growing need for it. This is the industry I went to when I quit teaching for a new career. You can either write EdTech curriculum or get a job training professional developments for teachers with a large variety of EdTech companies.

5. Editors

If you’ve always been the grammar police, this is the logical next step for you. Get experience as an editor freelancing WHILE you’re teaching to see if it’s a good fit for you and build your new network.

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6. Education Product and Supply Companies

See #3, except not the textbooks in your school. Think of all of the electronic supplies in your classroom built specifically for teaching. These positions are perfect for someone who wants to quit teaching but still stay active in education!

7. Writing/Blogging

If writing has always been your passion, this may be the right step for you. Look for work as a writer with an educational blog, write your own children’s novels, or branch out into another content area!

8. Educational Toy Companies

I recently had an educational toy company reach out to me after seeing my profile on LinkedIn. They were looking for educators to host children play groups with their toys and take notes to bring back to the product team. This is one example of the type of position a teacher can find in these companies.

9. HR Learning and Development Specialist

If you want to develop an entire system of curriculum and provide training for staff, this is the perfect position for you.

I hope you enjoyed this list of other jobs teachers can do. Want more information about leaving the classroom? Sign up to learn about my course: The Complete Guide To Leaving Education and Landing Your Dream Job.