It’s that time of the year again. Back to school. And we KNOW that we need to establish some good strategies to communicate with our students’ parents. If you are in the market for parent communication ideas for teachers, you came to the right spot. So let’s talk parent contact logs, editable newsletters, and basic back to school communication.

Parent Contact Logs

This is KEY. You want to keep track of all of the times you’ve spoken with parents. Whether you do this digitally or in an actual notebook is up to you. The important part is to keep track of it all. Why, you ask? You need to document EVERY time you relayed information to parents about their students, especially when it is something negative. Use a tracker to track next steps and follow up items. This also will help you keep track of the POSITIVE messages you relay to parents. It’s easy to forget to reach out for all of the positive stuff, but it’s SO important!

Editable Newsletters (FREEBIE)

My favorite parent communication idea is to create a newsletter to send home to parents weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc. This newsletter will have important dates, upcoming information, and more. Start off with a “Meet Your Teacher” newsletter for Back To School.

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Monthly Editable Newsletters

If you are looking for a monthly (or weekly) version of a newsletter, you can find them here in my TPT store. These are completely editable but come with clip art such as pumpkins, trees, and pencils to use all year long.

Hopefully you found a lot of great parent communication ideas in this blog.