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If you have not used project based learning yet, start now with this easy to use plan a vacation project. You can find the entire end of the year PBL at my TPT store. It’s especially great for end of the year math projects when you are busy with other tasks, such as planning a 5th grade graduation. On the other hand, I use it year round. Teaching authentic real world problems should be a priority year round. To repeat, project based learning is perfect for any upper elementary classroom that wants to incorporate real world math into their lessons. In fact, I purposefully make my PBL activities differentiated. I use multiple versions of some pages that range in difficulty. This allows all of my students to participate in “gifted” materials. If you haven’t read any other posts of mine, I believe that ALL STUDENTS DESERVE ENRICHMENT MATERIALS.

Plan A Vacation Math Differentiation

Again, PBL activities allow students to practice real world math applications. This activity reinforces multiplication and multiplication of decimals with the Fill Up Your Gas Tank Challenge. In this real world application, students are given this example sheet to support their ability to complete the project. For my students at 5th grade level, the price of gas is decimals. For my students below 5th grade, the price of gas is a whole number. Some of the options in other activities include multiplication of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Differentiation makes this an easy end of the year PBL activity to implement into any classroom. Create your own, or find the entire project here.

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Elapsed Time and Time Line – Day In The City, Plan Your Road Trip

Most importantly, PBL activities need to keep your students engaged. Students LOVE planning their own itinerary in this project. When students are given their own voice and choice, their engagement levels immediately increase. When planning the cities they will visit, they review elapsed time and time line math standards. Additionally, your class will be using critical thinking skills to see what they can budget into their schedule.

end of the year math and real world applications

End Of The Year Math

The perfect end of the year PBL should have your students reviewing a variety of math standards. This project includes multiple step activities that challenge your students.

Real World Applications

Students will love this plan a vacation project using real world math applications. Read below to see all of the math standards included in this project. If you’d like to get this entire project, find it at my TPT store.

real world applications
  • Fill Up Your Gas Tank – multiplication and/or multiplication with decimals
  • Day In The City Time Line- elapsed time and time line
  • Plan Your Road Trip and Weekly Itinerary – division with remainders, elapsed time, speed distance time.
  • Buy From The Gift Shop- multiplication, addition and subtraction, division and interpreting remainders
  • Grocery Shopping vs. Eating Out – multiplication, fractions
  • Pick Your Hotel – addition to 1,000, multiplication facts, multiplying decimals, addition of decimals.
  • Narrative Writing Prompt
  • Opinion Writing Prompt

After this plan a vacation project for your students, it might be time for you to think about YOU. Check out articles about teacher self care for the summer.