QUITTING TEACHING IS SCARY. Staying in the wrong position for the rest of your life is scarier. I really thought teaching was the right career for me. I enjoyed creating lessons, presenting lessons, and making my students enjoy learning. But I was miserable. To be honest, I didn’t even know I was miserable. I thought how I felt was normal. Working long weekends, having anxiety attacks, and never quite feeling myself was “the new normal” My terrible principal at the last school may have had something to do with it, but that’s a story for another day. I didn’t have any idea what other jobs for teachers would hire ME.

My NOW Story:

I work as an educational consultant and own my own business creating teaching resources. I’m happier than I’ve EVER been. As an educational consultant, I go to districts and present professional developments to teachers on a subject that I LOVE.

As I was speaking at a national conference for educators, another teacher came up afterwards and asked “how can I get a job like yours?”

This is NOT the first time I’ve heard this question. I’ve had teachers chase me out to the parking lot to ask me. My old coworkers text me constantly about it. And I’ve even had a principal DM me asking if I can help him get a job! So, I’ve decided to make my online course for teachers leaving the classroom to help them transition into a new market.

This is NOT a “learn to sell on TPT” course. This IS a career coaching course to help teachers transition into a career of their choice. Think financial freedom, work life balance, and the change YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR. I’ve used this method twice to land my first dream job after teaching, and now have moved up to an even bigger and better career choice.

Why do I feel guilty?

I’ve been nervous to take this step. I knew I would face backlash that I’m “encouraging teachers to quit.” That’s not what I want whatsoever! If you are happy in your career, that’s AMAZING! We all began teaching because we know what an important job it is. Why is it so hard to admit as a teacher we need to look for other work? For me it was because I wanted to do something good. Something that helped my community. Something I could feel good about. I felt guilty even WRITING about this subject. I felt so much guilt leaving the classroom, but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Financially, and for both my mental and physical health. I still work in education and impact student success, but it no longer takes such a huge toll on me. It’s not fair to ask teachers to stay if they are truly unhappy.

quitting teaching

Other jobs for teachers:

There are SO many other jobs for teachers. Here are just a few of the top jobs that hire educators who are quitting teaching.

•Museum education director •Corporate trainers •Textbook Sales Representatives •Educational Technology •Editors

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How can I get help?

If you are a quitting teaching (or an aspiring quitting teacher), there are a couple of ways you can connect with me. I highly recommend you check out my online course for teachers leaving the classroom for a step by step method to get you started.