New teacher? Moving school districts?  Bring a creative teaching portfolio, research the school, and prepare teaching interview questions and answers. These interview tips for elementary school teachers will help you do your best in your upcoming teaching interview! If you’re reading this during the summer, check out the summer self care challenge for teachers. 

1. Research the school.

One of the best interview tips for elementary school teachers is to research the school prior to going to your interview. Look up whatever information you can online. School websites and SARC reports are a great place to start! Use any useful information to adjust your answers during the interview. Show the school how your goals align with theirs. For example, if they have a large ELL population, address how you’d make modifications in your lessons to showcase visuals and emphasize small group reading interventions. If the school has a focus on technology, let them know how you’d integrate technology into your lessons and why it’s important to you!

2. Use specific examples.

Teaching interview questions and answers are always the same. Make sure you stand out above other candidates! If they ask you about your classroom management style, use an example to demonstrate. “I use positive reinforcement and explicit modeling for classroom management in my classroom. For instance, one year I had a student who would often shout out. What I did to support her was….” Your answers will be MUCH more memorable at the end of the day (and you will be too) when you give real stories!

Teacher Interview Questions & Answers

3. Come prepared.

You may be up against a lot of other teachers, but they may not have researched interview tips for elementary school teachers. Some of the teachers may have more experience than you. You did your homework, so come prepared to stand out above the other candidates! Bring a creative teaching portfolio or brochure to leave behind. This will really demonstrate how much effort you are willing to put in! New teacher? This will still make you stand out above the other candidates, as many teachers DON’T think to do this!

teaching portfolio

This is a sample of my editable teacher interview portfolio. IT comes with extra teacher tips, and is easy to use. All you have to do is type in your information and print. You can find the full product at this link