Looking for your first ever teaching job? Leaving a school because of a bad principal? If you are on the market for a new teaching position, here are some of the most common questions and sample answers for teaching interviews. These example questions should help you prepare your own answers. This will ensure you stand out amongst the other candidates. Once you are finished with this reading, you may want to read about how to prepare for your teaching interview.

1. What made you apply to this position?

Always use these types of questions to emphasis that you’ve done your research about their school. Even if you are a new teacher, you can still implement answers from what you would focus on as a future teacher. Example: I am looking to transfer to a new school district, and I believe I am a perfect match for your opening here at Blah Blah Blah Elementary. I share a strong passion for technology integration at 21st century skills, which I see is a focus of your upcoming school year. I enjoy implementing Project Based Learning math activities into the classroom, and I saw how important real world math applications are to the parents in your school blog.

2. What are your classroom management strategies?

If you have specific examples of success, use them! As a teacher, you never want to focus on the negative. Sometimes it may be better during a teaching interview to not use your most difficult students as examples but focus on a smaller and more focused problem. Example: My classroom management strategy is to always model expected behavior. I had a student who would often shout out in class, and I quickly realized

3. What is your teaching philosophy?

If you haven’t thought of this yet – it’s time. This is the ultimate example interview question for teachers. They will ask you this question. Think about how YOU feel about education, and start drafting a response from there. Example: I’ve always loved learning, and I wanted to pass my enthusiasm for learning on to children. I believe that lessons and learning should be fun, something that all students are able to enjoy.

4. Do you have any questions for us?

This is a great opportunity to emphasis other components you can bring to their school: Example: Do you have a coding program here? I helped run the STEM lab at my last school, and would love to team up with other teachers to create something similar here!

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