Teacher burnout is a huge problem, and keeping a regular practice of self care can help prevent it. I wanted to share a fun summer teacher bingo game with you to help!! During the summer, you should NOT be thinking about school or teaching, but using this time to unwind and beat teacher fatigue. Use your summer break to help reinforce good habits and practice self care. Hopefully you can forget what is stressing you out, whether it’s students or a bad principal. Here’s my handy guide to teacher self care ideas for summer.

Teacher self care

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Things To Do During Teacher Summer Break

Here are examples from the teacher summer self care bingo sheet. You can also make a list of things you want to do for self care this summer break.

  • Explore a new city – pick a city that you want to see, and plan a day trip around it!
  • Unplug from technology – use an entire day without the computer or your cell phone.
  • Cook or go out for a fancy meal – I love teaching myself to cook new things, but you may opt to go to a nice restaurant.
  • Take a walk through some nature – Go visit a botanical garden or park and take a stroll through it.
  • Make a summer playlist – I have a mellow playlist, upbeat playlist, oldies playlist that I rotate through. Music is a great way to help you unwind, and is a powerful tool to help beat teacher fatigue.
  • Read a book – Self care for teachers 101. You got into this job because you have a passion for learning (I hope).
  • Go to a new coffee shop – It’s the little things.
  • Spa day – on a budget? Buy a facial kit and paint your nails at home.
  • Enjoy a day at home – If you need to clean your house, do that the day before. This is just a day of enjoying yourself at home.
  • Take a fitness class – If that sounds awful, you will thank me later. Sometimes self care means tough love.
  • Go to an amusement park – I am a kid at heart, and love amusement parks. If you don’t want to be around that many children during your summer, skip this step!
  • Watch the sunset with someone – I have made it part of my summer self care routine to watch sunsets on the beach. This is extremely relaxing!
  • Eat a frozen treat – Go out and get the largest ice cream sundae you can find.
  • Take the time to tell a teacher how they’ve inspired you – Sometimes teacher self care means taking the time to do something kind for another person. And sometimes encouraging words can support another educator struggling with teacher burn out.
  • Eat healthy for one week – Sorry, tough love again. I battle stress and teacher burn out by cutting out carbs, alcohol, and sugar. Obviously I hate it, but after about a week I feel amazing.
  • Go on a hike – Find a hiking spot near your house that you haven’t tried. Getting your heart rate up helps battle stress, and you may take this time to reflect.
  • Visit a place of historical significance – The ultimate summer break idea for teachers! Learn some history while you travel.
  • Get dressed up – Tired of wearing the same old teaching outfits? The summer is the best time to get dressed up!
  • Buy a new journal – I use a reflection journal to help with my teacher burn out. Pick a pretty journal that you’ll be excited to have in your purse!
  • Get flowers for yourself – And if you are still in school season reading this, buy yourself some flowers ASAP. You deserve it.
  • Meditate or enjoy somewhere quiet – If you’ve never tried meditation, there are plenty of free Apps you can try!
  • Lay by a body of water –Aggh, the pool. The most relaxing way to beat teacher burn out.

The most important thing to remember about self care is that you may feel too busy to work these things into your schedule. It’s important to FORCE yourself to take care of you to help you avoid teacher fatigue. Keeping a good sense of humor can also help with burnout. Sometimes reading some teaching humor stories can also help. I hope you enjoyed these summer self care tips for teachers!

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