Imagine you are looking for the perfect fraction manipulatives. Now imagine your students are having a party or have candy in front of them. NOW, combine the two. These are great activities for teaching fractions year round, but especially perfect for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or any school party! And you can eat the candy afterwards if you’d like.

Teaching fractions with candy and math manipulatives for fractions.

Fraction Lessons With Candy Jars

I find cheap mason jars at the dollar store for this activity, and DEFINITELY use wrapped candy for this quick fraction lesson with your classroom. Bring three jars of wrapped candy to class with measuring cups (1/2, 1/4, etc.) Let students practice adding and subtracting fractions to create a mixture of their choice! Have them work in small groups and show their work on paper or white boards. Have them sort the candy bar into the jars, and let everyone in the group have a chance to do the activity. Pass out smaller portions of the candy at the end of the day, or save it to use for your classroom management.

Sorting Candy Activity

If you are having a party that involves candy, use everyone’s candy as fraction manipulatives! After passing out candy in a party, put categories up on the board for candy. Example categories are chocolate, chewy, red, hard candy, etc. Have students write down the fraction that represents how much candy they’ve received in each category. Now confiscate 1/2 of the chocolate in the room. Just kidding.

Candy Pie Lesson for Fractions

In this fraction lesson, I have the students write Candy Pie recipes. What is a Candy Pie, you ask? I made it up. I’m the teacher so I’m allowed to do that kind of stuff. Anyhow, have students come up with their best recipe for Candy Pie. When they are finished, have them double or triple the recipe. Early finishers can draw a picture of what their pie would look like!!

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