It’s testing season, so use some assessment games for students! Flash card activities for elementary, Kahoot, and more: here are my favorite test prep games for elementary students. Click here to read about more year round math strategies for upper elementary

1. Kahoot!

If you haven’t found out about Kahoot yet, do it now! Kahoot is the easiest way to find/create test prep games for elementary students . My students loved playing Kahoot because it feels like they are playing a game show. As the teacher, you can create the content or search already created Kahoot games on their website. You get instant data about what to review as a teacher, and can download individual results for each of your students!

2. Flash Card Games

Looking for more unique test prep games for elementary students? Try fun flash card games! First, make some flash cards. I have my students cut up worksheets, glue them onto construction paper, and write the answers on the back. Once I review them to make sure they are correct, I laminate the cards to use year after year. In this game, each student has their own card. All students stand up and raise their hand to find the nearest partner who also has their hand raised. Partners take turns quizzing one another with their flash cards. After they are finished, they trade cards. Students who are ready for a new partner raise their hands and continue circling the room to find the nearest available partner. Your students will love this game, and it’s a great way to get them out of their seats for a few minutes!


Math mystery games are another engaging way to review. Students answer math questions to help deduce which of their suspects on a suspect list committed a crime. Place the clues around the room to get your students moving! These math mystery assessment games for students come with different themes and objectives made specifically for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. 


3. Card or Domino Games

When you add dominos or cards to a math activity, students forget they are learning. I like to have students use domino games to review multiplication, fractions, and more.  Having written work is a key success factor when implementing assessment games for students. In my games, students must write down their work and partners must double check for accuracy. This helps ensure that you can assess your student’s understanding at the end of game time!

One example of a great game to play is Domino War. Find the rules below:

Idomino war

Domino Math Games 

Click the link to find more domino games. This product includes the following items:

  • Easy to use rule sheets for each game
  •  Thirteen domino games for multiplication, decimals, and fractions
  • Printable domino pieces
  • Scoresheets for student accountability and assessment