Okay, I get it. You’ve been curious about this course for a while… but the timing isn’t perfect. I have some tough love for you, the timing will never be perfect. There will always be other obligations and excuses to hold you back. For those teachers who want to have something new aligned for the next year, the time to start is now. If you are looking to move to a new city, know of upcoming budget cuts, are retiring this year, or just unhappy with teaching…your time is NOW.

I want you to think about your goal. Whether it’s financial success, work life balance, or getting away from a toxic school environment, your time is right now. Each day that you hesitate is a day that you continue to be stuck in your same rut. If you start today, you are ONE day accomplished onto your new path. Why do you keep pushing off your happiness?

It takes time picking your new path, practice speaking about yourself as a professional, networking, and learning new skills. I’ll walk you through everything step by step, and help you develop a plan that works for even those with the busiest work schedules! 

And because the Complete Guide To Leaving Teaching is backed by a 7-day satisfaction guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.