These Halloween activities for 5th grade are the perfect way to reinforce skills and keep your students engaged using fun seasonal activities. Not only is Halloween my favorite holiday, I LOVE teaching during Halloween time. From Halloween math 5th grade games to Halloween project based learning, your students will not be disappointed this October.

Halloween Project Based Learning

Students will LOVE planning their own haunted house with this engaging 5th grade Halloween math project. This project comes with multiple levels of intensity. Each level of intensity will ask the students to multiply, divide, add, subtract, and estimate. Two of the options includes decimals of various intensity, and one option only includes whole numbers for younger grades.

Halloween project based learning
Haunted House PBL activity

Included in this project:

  • Haunted House Cover Page
  • Pumpkin Task students calculate the price of pumpkins using multiplication of whole numbers or decimals.
  • Create a Witchy Room students create a witchy room to calculate the amount of paint they need for decorations using multiplication and interpret the remainder division.
  • Bats Vs. Spiders students survey their classmates to find which decoration would be scariest, demonstrating their knowledge of fractions and multiplication.
  • Attendance Task students estimate the amount of attendees they can expect at their haunted house using multiplication.
  • Activities Task students plan the activities they will include at their haunted house and calculate the cost.
  • Candy Round Up students calculate the cost of candy bought for their haunted house using multiplication of whole numbers or decimals.
  • Admission Task students calculate the cost of their haunted house to determine if they would make a profit at specific admission prices.
  • Create an Advertisemen

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Halloween Math Mystery Game

Students answer fun multiplication questions with 2 digit numbers to learn clues to solve the mystery of the missing pumpkin in this Halloween themed mystery game. The questions used include multiple step problems for additional rigor. Once the students have solved all of the clues they will able to deduce who the suspect is. Comes with answer sheets to assess your students’ work. Make sure to check the preview to learn more! Clue cards come in both color and black and white.

Halloween math 5th grade

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More Halloween activities for 5th grade

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