File under: teacher humor. Have you ever had a terrible interview with a bad principal? I want to share with you a few of the cringe-worthiest worst teaching interviews. New districts bring new challenges, including some terrible interview questions and answers! Hopefully you can laugh at my experiences. If you are looking for some more commonly asked questions and answers for teaching interviews, you may like this post on tips to help you prepare for a teaching interview.

1. The Artsy School

Congratulations! You have been selected as a teacher candidate for our school. Create a unique video that showcases your personality, teaching style, and what you’d bring to this school. We will be posting videos to our Facebook group for parents to vote on. Hopefully you will be inspired to some day write a blog post about the worst teaching interviews, and we will be #1!

THIS WAS THE WORST INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE YOU CAN IMAGINE. There I was, desperate to find a teaching job, trying to figure out how to win over parents with a YouTube video? No pressure. I ended up with a video of me at home teaching a lesson to my dog and cat, and differentiating my lesson to suit both of their needs. Shockingly, I never heard back. However, I found out the principal who requested my video ended up leaving abruptly, and they hired a new principal who started a new hiring process. It’s for the best, I don’t know if I could show my face here ever again.

2. Wait, what?

If your teaching style was a genre of music, what type would it be? Why?I answered this question well, I think. I explained my teaching was like parody music, like Weird Al. Because obviously I don’t mind making a fool of myself in order for everyone to enjoy themselves (did you read about my dog/cat differentiation video?), but I, still am relaying classic information, but with a fun twist. ANYHOW, STOP WITH THESE RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS. If your school could be a type of fruit, why is it a fruit? Orange you glad I didn’t ask that question? Ok sorry, for my bad teacher humor.

3. Group Interviews

They are just the worst. No explanation needed, right? Me + you + a few new friends = terrible teacher interview.