If you feel like you have a terrible principal, I’ve been there. When doing their job properly, principals can change the dynamic of a school. A good leader encourages their employees to be their best, pushing everyone to their highest levels of success. He or she creates a negative school environment, and often times the teacher leaving school. If your principal is unkind, unethical, and just outright awful – there are only so many things you can do.

What is a Bad School Environment?

negative school environment

Everyone feels the pressure of a bad school environment. Your principal is constantly micro managing. In a negative school environment, teachers are afraid to ask questions. You are walking on eggshells to avoid being the center of negative attention. The principal is a source of stress, not comfort. A bad school environment means everyone If you are struggling in a negative school environment, make sure to practice teacher self care.

Take A Deep Breath

If something bad happens, try to let it pass. Before you walk into a meeting with your terrible principal, take a few seconds to reflect on what may happen. While you are in the meeting, keep your calm. Don’t be too caught up in your emotions or you may say or do something you regret. A negative school environment keeps you tense, so try to practice mindfulness to not make any matters worse.

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Vent About Your Terrible Principal

You may feel better finding a few coworkers to talk to that share you opinion. Blowing off some steam honestly helps, and makes you feel less alone. Always make sure the coworkers are trustworthy, because you do not want this to get back to your principal.

Go To Your Union If Necessary

Your union is your best friend in a bad school environment. The union will know how to deal with your principal. Your union rep is on your side to protect you. Feel like your principal is bullying you or out of line? Ask your union rep to sit in meetings with a bad principal to document.

The Teacher Leaving The School Approach

teacher leaving school

You might want to consider looking into other positions at neighboring schools. If your dealing with a bad school principal, try to find a school with a good one! If you are miserable with this principal and you’ve exhausted other options, take your health and sanity into consideration. Moving to another school sounds like a lot of work, but you’ll find yourself much happier in the long run.